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Sam Goldman

Sam Graduated Bikram's Yoga College of India in December, 2004. He trained with Diane Ducharme at Bikram Yoga for you in West Roxbury, MA. Sam bought the Bikram Yoga studio in Auburn, MA on 5/23/06.

Sam Goldman instructs the following:
  • Inferno Hot Pilates
  • Inferno Hot Pilates. 60 minute class. This amazing fitness class will compliment your yoga practice.

  • 26+ Hot Yoga
  • 90 minutes. The first set is same as the hot yoga class. The second set allows students to choose a variation of the pose. Wonderful for everyone and lots of fun. New students and experienced students love this “choose your own adventure” type of class.

  • Beginners Hot Yoga
  • 26 Postures and 2 Breathing Exercises in a hot room.
    The key is being properly hydrated before class. Go slow and take it easy. After a few classes, you will get used to the heat and the routine. Tremendous healing benefits.