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   Sam Goldman

Sam teaching at Westboro"From the moment Sam walks into the room you know that it's going to be an awesome class... Sam teaches Hot yoga with a passion that resonates through his booming voice and fills the room with compassionate knowledge... Sam likes to tell jokes and sometimes funny stories about how difficult it was for him as a new student... Sam will let you know that it's ok to rest if you need to, and it's also ok to leave your judgement and ego and expectations outside the room so that you can focus on what is most important... trying the right way."

    Sam has over a decade of experience practicing Hot Yoga. He has had to overcome and persevered through a history of spinal and joint problems caused by scoliosis and participation in sports. Sam has worked with all kinds of people with all kinds of medical issues and would be happy to help you with yours. Click here to send Sam and e-mail... click here to take his class in Auburn... click here to take his class in Westboro... click here to purchase a half hour private lesson with Sam.


  • In addition to teaching, Sam is working on a series of videos titled "Anyone Can Do Yoga" and a book called "Yoga is Easy For Stiff People"
  • Sam began his Bikram Yoga Practice with Diane Ducharme in October 2003.
  • Sam attended Bikram's Teacher Training in the Fall of 2004.
  • Sam came in Second place in Massachusetts at the New England Regional Yoga Championship in 2005 and came in First Place in New England in 2006.
  • Sam Participated in the National championships in 2006 and 2007.
  • Sam has attended over a dozen seminars with Diane Ducharme as well as Two advanced seminars with Bikram. He has also attended certification trainings in 2007 and 2010. 
  • Sam did an intensive internship with Diane Ducharme until May of 2006, when he Purchased Bikram Yoga Auburn From Sandra Sullivan.
  • Sam opened Bikram Yoga Westboro in March 2010



   Danielle Cellere

danielle_headshotI took my first Bikram Yoga class in October of 2005.  Before even entering the hot room, I saw the teacher and I thought, “If I am going to look like THAT, I am already hooked.”  Forty minutes into the class, I thought I might die.  Much to my surprise, when class was over, I was still alive!  And I couldn’t wait to go back!  Walking in the studio door for the first time truly changed the course of my life.  I went from a stressed out, career-driven life, where I was 25 pounds heavier, and 25 times more unhealthy, to a life that was healthier, happier, and more focused.  I knew very quickly that I wanted to be a teacher, and after a few years of setting that intention, the stars aligned.  I was certified in the Spring of 2009, where I got to fall in love with Bikram Yoga in a whole new way.


I love teaching yoga.  I love to see new students get excited about the practice.  And I love watching that moment in a student where something just “clicks”.  It’s funny, a student recently asked me which I prefer, teaching or practicing.  I don’t think there is an answer for that.  I get so much from both. 


My practice is mine, all mine.  I get to have 90 minutes where I’m not worrying about the kids, or what’s for dinner or when I’m going to be able to get my design work done.  It allows me to really just be with myself and connect with ME: detoxifying my body, wringing out all the dust, and filling me up with energy and love and life and breath.


The teaching is all about the students. That 90 minutes is just for them, and I try my best to allow them to have their own journey with the help of some guidance, encouragement and yoga love. I love to watch as students grow.  I love walking into a class room and seeing the variety of students in the room. Some students have broken bodies that are just touching the surface of the healing. Others are there for a good workout, and have not yet found the meditation, the mental clarity, the new-found love for self that follows. I love being a small part of their path toward wellness, and it brings me tremendous joy and energy to see my students improve their bodies, walk taller and radiate life.


Jill Almeida
I first walked into a Bikram Yoga class in January 2010. I used to be the kind of person who said things like “I hate sweating” and “I’d rather be cold than hot” – but I’d heard of this hot yoga thing and for some reason I was really intrigued. I spent my first class thinking I was either going to throw up or pass out but then at the end my only thought was “when can I come back?!” So I came back the next day and the next day and the rest is history. It probably took me a couple months to really get used to the heat but now I think it feels wonderful! 

I fell for this yoga hard and fast. I immediately recognized that, even though it was incredibly tough, I always felt great afterwards. When I was in class, I was so focused on learning the postures and hearing more of what the teachers were saying. When I wasn’t in class, I couldn’t wait to go back and also found that I adjusted my eating and drinking habits to better serve me in the hot room. Very quickly people starting seeing changes and asked what I was doing. I had already lost over 40 pounds before finding the yoga; even though I only lost a few more after starting my practice, I went down almost two sizes in my clothes. Everything was tightening up and I was seeing muscle definition I never thought possible!


About six months into my practice I started asking my teachers about the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training program. It was more curiosity than anything but as we say in the hot room, I thought that “eventually, in the future” I’d probably like to teach this yoga. And that happened sooner than I thought it would! In Spring of 2012 I went to BYTT in Los Angeles, CA for the nine-week, intensive training program and was certified to teach. 


A huge part of why I wanted to teach this yoga is because I was so in love with it, fingertips to toes and bones to skin. Seeing the physical and mental changes in myself and hearing so many other people talk about their own experiences was such a powerful thing to be a part of. I want to stand up on that podium and help bring this yoga to more people! People who will find strength in themselves that they never knew they had; people who will see so many positive changes in their lives; people who will love themselves more, inside and out, through the yoga.


As a student, some of my favorite classes are the ones where you can tell the teacher is having fun – then you have fun too! You forget how hard you’re working and it doesn’t even feel like 90 minutes. That’s part of what I try to bring to my own students when I am teaching – finding joy in the challenge and coming out stronger on the other side. The only bad class you will have is the one you don’t take!

I see this yoga as a lifetime journey for me, to continue deepening my knowledge both as a student and as a teacher. I’ve attended three Diane Ducharme seminars and have also gone back to visit other teacher trainings, both in Spring 2013 and Spring 2014.


  • Started practicing Bikram Yoga in January 2010.
  • Certified at Spring 2012 BY Teacher Training.
  • Attended 2 Diane Ducharme Seminars before becoming a teacher; plus a DD seminar Oct 2013.
  • Visited Spring 2013 BYTT and will be going to visit Spring 2014 training in May.


Bill Fairchild
Bill attended the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Spring 2016 in Thailand. Bill is teaching the 3:30 pm class every Tuesday.

Jeff Osman

I went Fall, 2012 in Los Angels LAX. There was 443 people signed up ranging from 18 to 71 years old! I began practicing Bikram in June, 2003 and have attended Dianes Posture clinic.